2021年大阪アジアン映画祭 Japan Cuts Awardスペシャルメンション受賞


"Among Four of Us"

2020, 20 mins, short film
2021 Osaka Asian Film Festival, Japan Cuts Award Special Mention
2021 Short Shorts Film Festival, Asia International & Japan Program

In the aftermath of COVID-19 lockdown in Tokyo, one man and two women, the ex-college theater group members get together for the first time in twenty years. They realize that their lives have been dominated by the presence of one leading actress, who is now absent. The film portrays isolation and connection in the time of COVID-19.

Cast: Fusako Urabe
Kota Kusano

Films - Fiction

  • 「4人のあいだで」
    "Among Four of Us"
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    “The Marionnettiste”
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    "The Devil in the Afternoon"
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    “The Summer of Stickleback”

Films - Documentary

  • 「ナオト、いまもひとりっきり」
    "Alone Again in Fukushima"
  • 「愛国者に気をつけろ!鈴木邦男」
    “Watch Out for the Patriot! – Kunio Suzuki”
  • 「ナオトひとりっきり-Alone in Fukushima」
    “Alone in Fukushima”
  • 「孤独なツバメたち〜デカセギの子どもに生まれて」
    “Lonely Swallows–Living as the Children of Migrant Workers”


  • NHK BS1スペシャル「ミュージカルの聖地に挑む〜演出家 藤田俊太郎のロンドン進出」
    “Musical director Shuntaro Fujita directs musical in London” (TV documentary )
  • NHK BS 1「地球タクシー:ニューヨークを走る」
    “Planet Taxi: Driving in New York City” (TV documentary series, NHK BS1)
  • NHK国際共同製作ドラマ「東京裁判」
    “Tokyo Trial” (international co-production TV drama series)